Graphic Design


Hi! My name is Zuzanka Rosanne, I’m a Dutch graphic designer and artist based in the city of Utrecht (NL). I’m currently in my graduation year of the graphic design bachelor at the University of Arts Utrecht.

My work is identified by the use of analog media, often with a digital touch. I have a special love for print, book design and abstract images, inspired by everyday life, nature, human nature and psychology. My work consists of strong visual expressions, narrative, concept and a lot of experiment.

You can get in contact for interesting projects, collaborations, freelance activities and questions!

Bachelors (BA) in Graphic Design
(‘17 - present) HKU/University of the Arts Utrecht

Foundation course in Psychology
(’16 - ‘17) Utrecht University

Basisopleiding Plus
(’15 - “16) HKU/University of the Arts Utrecht


Part of the group exhibition at HKU
Inspired by Just Like The Movies
(2017) Ondertiteld

Part of the group exhibition at
Sexyland Amsterdam
(2018) Ruis

Project manager and part of the group exhibition at AG Utrecht
(2019) Archive Live 


Ape to Zebra Studio for communication and visual design

Graphic design studio